In vitro and in vivo studies in support of compound registration.

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Product Development
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Frontage Laboratories provides extensive support to clients in the Agrochemicals industry. Our broad service offering includes biological, chemical, and regulatory support in a GLP-compliant facility.

Residue Chemistry

• Field soil dissipation
• Magnitude of the residue
• Crop field trials & storage stability
• Livestock feeding studies (cattle, poultry)
• Analytical methods development
• Independent Laboratory Validations (ILV)


  • Plant Metabolism
    • Metabolite identification
    • Metabolite (cold) synthesis
    • Distribution studies
    • Reincorporation methodology (14C)
    • Greenhouse Facilities
  • Animal Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion
    • Radiolabeled and non-labeled compounds
    • Single and multiple dose studies
    • Multiple species (mice, rats, dogs, monkeys, minipigs)
    • Oral, dermal, IP, SQ, IV
    • Special surgical techniques
    • Bile duct/hepatic portal vein
    • Metabolite identification/quantitation
    • Nature of the residue studies

Environmental Fate

  • Degradation (hydrolysis, photodegradation)
    • Aerobic and anaerobic metabolism (soil, aquatic)
    • Mobility (absorption/desorption, soil column leaching)
  • Fish bioaccumulation (metabolite identification)
    • Analytical Support
  • Confined accumulation (rotational crop)
  • Field rotational crop