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Optimize the isolation of cfDNA from liquid biopsy samples

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Cell-Free DNA Methylation Sequencing

Investigation of DNA Methylation from Cell-Free DNA samples

Advances in the preparation of bisulfite-converted DNA libraries and next-generation sequencing have enabled measurement of methylation levels from the low amounts of input DNA present in plasma or serum samples. Specific genomic regions of interest, such as CpG islands, can be monitored using bisulfite sequencing through the selection of specific DNA sequences.

Frontage has developed and validated protocols for both targeted and global methylation analysis by sequencing, and has optimized the isolation of cfDNA from liquid biopsy samples in order to minimize sample input requirements for this service.

  • Biofluid Profiling
  • Sequencing
  • Biomarker Discovery
  • Companion Diagnostics
  • Predictive Modeling

Sequencing 2 - Cell-Free DNA Methylation Sequencing

Sample Types Appropriate for cfDNA Bisulfite Sequencing

Sample types include whole blood, serum and plasma. Frontage provides cfDNA isolation services from blood-based biofluid samples. We are a Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) laboratory, and can accept samples which contain agents associated with human disease.

Sample Type Minimum Input Requirement Sample Submission Checklist
Cell-free DNA 10 ng cfDNA
Biofluid 4 ml Biofluid

Standard cfDNA Bisulfite Sequencing Report

    • Identification of methylated sites showing the methylation call and percentage methylation at each site.
    • Statistical analysis result showing methylated loci with significant differences in methylation levels between groups, annotation of nearest gene, and the relative position of the methylated site to the gene.
    • Maps of CpG-rich genomic regions indicating the distribution of differentially methylated regions across the chromosomes.
    • Distribution histograms of CpG coverage and CpG methylation levels.

DNA and Man - Cell-Free DNA Methylation Sequencing

Additional Raw Data

  • Compressed FASTQ files
  • Raw unique sequences mapped to genome (FASTA format)
  • Raw and normalized read counts, as well as reads mapping to each gDNA for each database queried